Crow Agency Vandalism

Crow Agency, MT - Region VIII


Site Contact:

Martin McComb

Long Street South of Town
Exit 509
Crow Agency, MT 59002

Latitude: 45.5936970
Longitude: -107.4649430

Early in the morning on Thursday October 4th, the Crow Water Authority reported the vandalism of their Water Treatment Plant in Crow Agency, MT. EPA deployed an On Scene Coordinator (OSC) and Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team (START) to the Site that same day.

Damage at the Tribe’s treatment plant included damaged tanks, wiring, control panels, water treatment chemicals and a chlorine cylinder. Additionally, the clear well, which is a chamber inside the treatment plant, had high concentrations of polyacrylamide added to it. EPA, in coordination with the Crow Tribe, immediately issued a public notice asking people not to use the water and collected water samples.

The Tribe’s plant was taken off line and the clear well was physically isolated from the distribution system. The clear well will be cleaned and disinfected prior to restarting the Tribe’s plant. Additionally, the plant will have to be repaired and pass a complete water quality testing before it again delivers water into the Crow Water Authority distribution system.

A nearby BIA facility is capable of temporarily providing water. To restore water service and ensure the safety of water delivered from the BIA Water Treatment Plant, EPA with the help of Tribal and BIA water operators, have flushed the Crow Water Authority water mains and piping. The flushing was completed on October 6, 2017. Water being delivered by the Crow Water Authority distribution system is now considered safe for all uses. All samples analyzed to date indicate there are no harmful contaminants in the water system.

EPA continues to work closely with appropriate law reinforcement agencies, BIA, and the Tribe.

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