Underwood Fruit Fire Ammonia Release

Bingen, WA - Region X


Site Contact:

Richard Franklin
On-Scene Coordinator


6550 Washington State Highway 14
Bingen, WA 98605

Latitude: 45.7200060
Longitude: -121.4807240

On Wednesday 18, 2017, EPA was notified of a large fire and anhydrous ammonia release at the Underwood Fruit & Warehouse processing facility in Bingen, Washington. The apple and pear fruit processing building at the plant caught fire at approximately 5:00 AM due to unknown causes, resulting in a large fire, smoke plume, and release of anhydrous ammonia. The anhydrous ammonia was used as a refrigerant coolant at the facility.

EPA mobilized and OSC and START contractor resources to the site to assess the incident and conduct air monitoring.