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Hancock Manufacturing VI

Site Contact:
Eric Pohl


Site Location:
Toronto, OH 43964

The Hancock Manufacturing VI Site is a residential trichloroethylene (TCE) vapor intrusion site located in Toronto, Ohio. The presumed TCE source is a former manufacturing plant used by The Hancock Manufacturing Company. The use of TCE resulted in the contamination of soil and groundwater at the Site. TCE was used at the Facility beginning in the early 1950s to remove drawing oils from metal stampings during the final stages of production. Information from employees indicated that waste TCE sludge was disposed in the southwest corner of the plant until the early 1960s. Additionally, some TCE was found in the vicinity of a storage tank formerly located at the east side of the plant building. Ohio EPA identified three distinct areas of degreaser operations at the Facility, and each area included degreaser equipment, dipping pits, or tanks utilizing TCE solvent. The largest degreaser pit was located on the east side of the building, approximately 180 feet south of Myers Street

The Site contains a residential neighborhood with one property that has documented vapor intrusion. In addition, there are six properties with documented potentially completed vapor intrusion pathways.

The approximate boundaries of the known impacted properties include the railroad tracks immediate adjacent to the former Hancock Manufacturing Company and Hancock Manufacturing Co. Inc. facility (Facility) on the west, North 4th Street on the east, Myers Street on the north and Cleveland Street on the south. Additional assessment activities to be completed subsequent to the initiation of the removal action may identify additional residential properties with vapor intrusion or potential vapor intrusion.

The time-critical removal action aims to mitigate the effects of TCE vapor intrusion in residential homes through the installation of sub-slab or crawl space depressurization systems, and characterize TCE vapor intrusion in residences at the Site.

EPA sampled soil gas and indoor air in properties that provided access agreements, and installed vapor mitigation systems in twelve residences.