North Santiam River Gasoline Spill

Idanha, OR - Region X


Site Contact:

Brooks Stanfield, Eric Vanderboom
On-Scene Coordinator

Milepost 62
State Hwy 22
Idanha, OR 97350

Latitude: 44.6624150
Longitude: -121.9560990
NRC#: 1199790

At approximately 11:00 pm on 12/15/17, a tanker truck and trailer loaded with 11,500 gallons of gasoline was reported to have lost control on an icy patch of Oregon State Highway 22, overturning, breaching, and causing a fire and discharge of gasoline onto soil and into the North Santiam River. Highway 22 has been shut down. Gasoline odors have been reported in the town of Detroit, OR, and oil sheen has been reported in Detroit Lake, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lake on the North Santiam River.

Local and state fire and police have responded to the incident, as well as Oregon Department of Transportation. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) has mobilized a State On-Scene Coordinator and other personnel, and EPA has mobilized a Federal On-Scene Coordinator and START contract resources to the site. The Responsible Party has also mobilized contract resources for oil spill response and removal actions.