Seaside Vapor Intrusion

Seaside, OR - Region X


Site Contact:

Richard Franklin
On-Scene Coordinator

Seaside, OR 97138

Latitude: 45.9867760
Longitude: -123.9211580

On 02/05/2018, residents of a rental house in question and nearby neighbors, complained of noxious vapors in the neighborhood and upper respiratory health issues inside of their homes. Astoria Fire/Hazmat and Seaside Fire and Police responded to the rental home and also observed noxious odors. The renters of affected home were evacuated and sent to a nearby relative's home until an assessment and possible source of the odors could be identified.

EPA responded to the site at the request of ODEQ, and conducted a site assessment, air monitoring and air sampling activities inside, underneath, and outside the rental house, and in the neighborhood. Vapors inside and underneath the home were consistent with gasoline and automotive fluids. No chlorinated solvents were found. No other homes in the area were found to be affected. An adjacent residence is believed to be the source of the vapors from unauthorized car repair and parts washing activities, automotive fluids, gasoline, and oil spills. ODEQ will take the lead for subsequent assessment and removal actions.



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