C&H Mineral Building Site

Houghton County, MI - Region V


Site Contact:

Brian Kelly


52986 Highway M-26
Houghton County, MI 49945

Latitude: 47.1779530
Longitude: -88.4218090

The Site, an unused vacant mining era industrial property located at 52986 Highway M-26 in Hubbell, Houghton County, Michigan. Two mining era structures are present at the Site.

In partnership with state and local agencies, EPA is working on the cleanup of 35 waste piles, which contain lead and PCBs.

In addition to the waste piles, the asbestos roof has been identified as a potential hazard. Health officials have advised, "The public is asked to avoid activities in this section of the highway, including walking and biking, and to be cautious of possible debris in the roadway while driving. All public access to the C&H Mineral Building property should be avoided."