Albany Herbicide Spill

Albany, OK - Region VI


Site Contact:

Mike McAteer

1800 S. Hotel Road
Albany, OK 74726

Latitude: 33.8508450
Longitude: -96.1696580
NRC#: 1208583

At approximately 1700 on 4/5/2018, ODEQ called EPA Region 6, requesting Federal assistance on a spill that occurred the previous night. Approximately 800-1000 gallons of concentrated 2,4-D herbicide was released onto the soil from a semi trailer truck due to a vehicle accident. At this time the pollutant has not entered any body of water but there is a high chance of rain in the forecast. OSC Mike McAteer and ERRS have been activated and expected to start the removal process as soon as they arrive at the accident location. the accident occurred on South Hotel Road, approximately 2 miles south of the town of Albany, Bryan county, Oklahoma.

OSC Mike McAteer arrived on site with the START contactor at 9:45 pm Thursday April 5, 2018. The OSC contacted ODEQ to confirm location of the spill and noted a distinct odor of pesticides. Using a MultiRAE,the EPA team conducted air monitoring around the area and had no detection of chemicals. The area is secure, the earthen berm ODEQ built appears to be holding. Weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow includes 40% - 60% chance of rain with relatively light rainfall amounts not expected to exceed a quarter inch. ERRS is expected to arrive on site around 11:30 pm. ERRS will secure the berm further, place boom, and if necessary place hay bales.



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