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Sessions Clock

Site Contact:
Michael Cofsky
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
164 Central St. Rear
Bristol, CT 06010

The Sessions Clock site (the site) is part of the former Sessions Clock Factory complex and is located at 164 Central Street (Rear), on the north side of the Pequabuck River, in Bristol, Connecticut (CT). The site occupies approximately 2.3 acres, and includes a two-story building that houses Bristol Instrument Gears, Inc. (formerly a Sessions Clock Factory warehouse). The geographic coordinates of the site, measured from the southeast corner of the on-site building, are 41° 40' 25.17" north latitude and 72° 53' 39.41" west longitude. The site is bordered by railroad tracks, an access road, and wooded areas to the north; a wooded area to the east; the Pequabuck River, industrial buildings (a former Sessions Clock manufacturing facility), and East Main Street to the south; and a parking area and restaurant to the west. The site is relatively flat except along the banks of the Pequabuck River, where it drops down sharply approximately 10 feet to the river. The site is located in a mixed industrial and commercial area, and is part of the former Sessions Clock Factory complex which was constructed in the late 1890s and consisted of the several factory buildings, most of which were located along Main Street and south of the Pequabuck River. According to Bristol, CT town records, Bristol Instrument Gears Inc. is the current owner of the site, and purchased the property from Sessions Clock on 16 March 1959.