Warren Steel Holdings (OPA)

Warren, OH - Region V


Site Contact:

Stephen Wolfe
On-Scene Coordinator


4000 Mahoning Avenue
Warren, OH 44483

Latitude: 41.2710670
Longitude: -80.8391684

US EPA is conducting a CERCLA Time-Critical Removal Action at the Warren Steel Holdings site. As part of the TCRA EPA investigated the approximately 146 transformers located on the facility and determined that some of them pose a threat of release to the Mahoning River. The major substation for the facility is located on North River Road and is located within 200 feet of the banks of the Mahoning River. There are approximately 45 transformers and 200 capacitors located at this substation. The facility is abandoned and the lagoons that are designed to capture site run-off are not maintained and therefore pose a direct threat to the Mahoning River if oil from leaking transformers were to reach the lagoons. In addition to the substation, EPA identified a tank of petroleum material that is located at the outfall of the facility that leads to the river. EPA sampled all transformers and determined which transformers were non-PCB. An OPA 90 Project Plan was submitted to and approved by the USCG National Pollution Fund Center under FPN E18519. Any transformer that was determined to be PCB contaminated will be addressed under the ongoing CERCLA action for the facility (https://response.epa.gov/WSH).



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