St. Louis Smelting and Refining Unnamed Pond

Collinsville, IL - Region V


Site Contact:

Kevin Turner

End of Pine Lake Road and north of California
Collinsville, IL 62234

Latitude: 38.6904350
Longitude: -89.9563320

Illinois EPA documented the presence of lead in soil and sediment at concentrations above 400 mg/kg which is the RML for residential soil and above toxicity levels of 5 mg/L. Lead is a hazardous substance, as defined by Section 101(14) ofCERCLA. The health concerns at this Site are related to the fact that residents live around and use Unnamed Pond, potentially exposing young children, pregnant women and elderly individuals to contamination. For example, Illinois EPA collected one sample (21B) next to one of two forts kids have built from fallen limbs near the Unnaned Pond. Sample results for 21B indicated a lead concentration of 1,290 mg/kg. EPA has also witnessed children playing in and around Unnamed Pond which contains a maximum lead concentration of 6,010 mg/kg in sediment and maximum TCLP concentration of 22.2 mg/L in soil.



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