Goodrich Asbestos

Miami, OK - Region VI


Site Contact:

Mike McAteer

1000 Goodrich Blvd
Miami, OK 74354

Latitude: 36.8891796
Longitude: -94.8892537


The B.F. Goodrich plant ceased operations in 1986. Due to the presence of asbestos in multiple structures on the site, abatement and removal of the asbestos was required by ODEQ. Some initial attempts to abate/remove the asbestos was conducted by the owner, however, cleanup work ceased in late 2014 and the owner filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

EPA mobilized to the site on October 16, 2018, to assess options for securing access to the facility (i.e., fencing and sealing Powerhouse building) and also conducted air sampling around the perimeter of the facility. EPA also conducted a full asbestos assessment of the site in November of 2019. Results show large amounts of asbestos containing material in the demolition debris piles scattered across the site (approximately 16,000 cubic yards total). The assessment also found high levels of asbestos inside the Powerhouse Building, the Oven Building and the small brick office building at the front of the property.

Due to the amount of asbestos containing materials scattered across the site as well as inside abandoned structures on the site, EPA is conducting an emergency removal action. This removal action will focus on removing all debris piles and disposing of them at an asbestos approved landfill. EPA will also wet-demolish the Oven Building and small brick office building and the debris from these structures will also be transported to an approved landfill. All cleanup activities will require the use of water to suppress dust. Air monitoring and air sampling will be conducted daily to assure that no asbestos is drifting off the site during the cleanup. EPA expects this removal action will require up to 4 months to complete.


- June 10, 2019: Based on some great comments at last Thursday night's community meeting, EPA has revised some of our cleanup plans:

1. EPA has added one additional air sampling location along the northern perimeter of the site. This location will monitor for asbestos fibers in the direction of the soccer fields during wind conditions from the south.
2. EPA will meet with the Superintendent of Miami Schools the week of June 10 to discuss our air sampling program and contingency plans for windy/dusty days.
3. In order to provide daily asbestos sampling results, EPA has employed a licensed asbestos professional to analyze all air sampling filters at the end of each day for the next two weeks.
4. If anyone has questions regarding the Benzene contamination in groundwater at the Goodrich site, please contact Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality’s Communication Director, Erin Hatfield at 405/702-7119 (office) or 405/437-8468 (cell) or email at:

The total tonnage of debris removed from Site for Phase 1: 20,064.03 tons

The total tonnage of debris removed from Site for Phase 2: 5,010 tons

The air sampling results received up through 01/24/2020 show no asbestos fibers detected above the Site Action Level.