Former Covidien Plant - RV2

Site Contact:
Sandra Richards & Keith Glenn


Site Location:
130 Madison Street
Oriskany Falls, NY 13425

In December 2016, a fire at the Site caused significant structural damage to multiple buildings. All structures associated with Building B were damaged beyond repair or completely destroyed. One structure associated with Building C was completely destroyed and an additional structure was severely impacted, leaving only the stairwells standing. The third structure associated with Building C was not impacted. The corner of Building A, limited to the loading dock, was also destroyed. In efforts to control the fire, building materials were spread throughout the Site, with some moved to a private off-site location. The property, located along Alabam Road in the Town of Madison (Madison County, NY), is currently used by a landscaping company for staging vegetative waste debris.

In October 2017, the Mayor of Oriskany Falls requested the assistance of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assess the Site for a CERCLA removal action. In December 2017, the attorney for the fence company submitted a letter to the Village indicating non-payment for services. The letter detailed that B&B Recycling, LLC had not paid the invoice for the fence and the fence would be removed. In efforts to maintain Site security and prevent unauthorized access, EPA activated an Emergency and Rapid Response Service (ERRS) contractor to provide perimeter fence (RV1). Friable asbestos has been determined to be comingled within the site debris - brick, wood, metal, etc.

In September 2018 under this action (RV2), EPA activated the ERRS contractor to remove structurally unsound buildings, remove the remaining presume asbestos containing material (PACM) from over top of Oriskany Creek, remove building/fire debris from Oriskany Creek, remove friable asbestos debris from the on-site laboratory building, consolidate debris, and properly dispose of the asbestos containing material (ACM) off-site following the County’s waste flow control regulations. Off-site disposal of all asbestos containing material was completed on April 29, 2019. EPA conducted restoration activities which included backfilling of the former waste water treatment plant and backfilling to reduce potential fall hazards from ground level to the basement of the main warehouse/manufacturing building on the property. Finally, a permanent fence was installed along South Main Street and Division Streets. All on-site activities were completed on September 19, 2019.