Ogden Swift Building

Site Contact:
Paul Peronard
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
390 West Exchange Road
Ogden, UT 84401

Click here for an interactive Story Map that shows the response efforts conducted at the Ogden Swift Building Site.

Interactive Story Map

The Ogden Swift Building sits on the banks of the Weber River in Ogden, Utah. The facility was formerly a meat packing plant. After that, the building was sold and used to store surplus military items. It was also leased out to a chemical manufacturer who went bankrupt. The Site is currently owned by the City of Ogden and is being considered for re-development into a recreational resource.

In 2018, an EPA Targeted Brownfields Assessment was conducted on behalf of the City of Ogden at the Site. This assessment documented more than 40,000 abandoned containers of chemicals including flammables, corrosives, toxic substances, water reactives, potential explosives and other dangerous chemicals.

The EPA is now conducting a time-critical removal action at the Ogden Swift Building. EPA is coordinating with the local Fire Chief and other Public Safety officials as well as City and State of Utah officials. During Spring and Summer of 2019 EPA’s removal action will:

- Stabilize areas of the building to prevent further deterioration.
- Remove the highly volatile and explosive chemicals found in the building
and properly dispose of other hazardous wastes found at the site.
- Properly facilitate the chemicals for disposal at a hazardous waste
- Maintain a safe environment for workers and community members. EPA
will monitor air quality throughout the removal action.

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