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Joliet Chemical Fire

Site Contact:
Jacob Hassan


Site Location:
20604 Amherst Court
Will County, IL 60433
NRC#: 1254277

In August 2019, a large fire destroyed the MPG Industries, Inc. chemical plant. EPA assistance was requested by state and local officials to assess the site and conduct emergency site stabilization/cleanup activities.
EPA entered into an Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent with the plant owners in October 2019 to clean up the site. EPA conducted oversight of cleanup operations, which were completed in December 2019.
Cleanup activities at the site included:
• Collecting soil samples, water samples, and air samples to evaluate site conditions during the emergency response phase.
• Stabilizing the site during the response phase by creating a containment berm and a stormwater collection area during the emergency response phase.
• Collecting well water samples on site.
• Sampling potable well water on 10 residential and commercial properties proximate to the property .
• Disposing of approximately 1,150 tons of non-hazardous solid waste from the site to approved facilities for disposal or reuse.
This website contains photos and documentation of the cleanup.

For additional information, visit the section.