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Brennan Property

Site Contact:
Tom Condon


Site Location:
17 Old Charlton Road
Oxford, MA 01540

The Brennan Property Site is a 15 acre abandoned residential property. A one-acre portion of the property was reportedly used for disposal of industrial waste. In 1986 Mass DEQE (now MassDEP) conducted an investigation at the Site, and found soil contaminated with high levels of PCBs. In 1987, Mass DEQE took an action to remove some of the most highly contaminated surface soil from the Site. A temporary cap was installed and a fence was erected to minimize the potential for contact with contamination the remained at depth.

In November 2018, Mass DEP referred the Site to EPA for evaluation, citing concern that the cap may have degraded over time. EPA conducted a Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation, and determined that an action to remove PCB contaminated Soil was warranted. In August, an Action Memorandum, authorizing the soil removal was approved.