Sonford Products

Flowood, MS - Region IV

Site Contact:

Glenn Adams

Flowood, MS

Latitude: 32.2929090
Longitude: -90.1420700
NRC#: 859667

On the afternoon of 14 JAN 08, OSC Adams and RPM Newman conducted a site visit to the Sonford Products NPL site in Flowood, MS, The site is currently being investigated by the Region 4 Remedial Superfund program. Soil samples have been taken and the results indicate dioxin levels in surface soils at the site above removal action levels for exposure to the surface soils. The visual assessment and site visit was being conducted by OSC Adams to determine whether potential exposures are occurring at the property. Through visual evidence at the site and interviews of locals, it was confirmed that kids from the nearby residential area have been trespassing on the site. Evidence of ATV traffic going around the current gate to the property and traveling through areas of the site with contaminated soils were found. Based on these findings and the surface soil data, OSC Adams initiated a response to install a fence to prevent future trespassing and potential exposures to the contaminated soils. The Region 4 Remedial program will be addressing the contaminated soils in the near future.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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