Waymire Drum Source Removal

Site Contact:
Ben Castellana


Site Location:
7702 Maie Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90001-2641

The Waymire Drum Site (Site) is a former drum recycling facility in an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County, California. The facility operated from the 1920s to approximately the 1992. Investigations at the Site indicate the presence of TCE, PCE and Vinyl Chloride in subsurface soils, as well as soil vapors. Soil vapor concentrations at the site for TCE, PCE, and Vinyl Chloride were measured at 4,100,000; 950,000; and 160,000 ug/m3, respectively. Sampling of indoor air on site, and in surrounding residential and commercial properties indicate that these contaminants have migrated via the soil vapor pathway from the Site. A time-critical removal action is currently underway to mitigate the indoor air threat to these properties; this project will assess the source of the contaminants in the soils beneath the Site, and potential time-critical remedies.

The Scope of the Waymire Drum Removal Assessment is to characterize and delineate the presence of hazardous substances, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and metals, in the subsurface soils at the Site. Characterization should include the nature of soils as well as the concentrations of hazardous substances in the soils using Screening and Definitive methods. Delineation will include determination of the lateral and vertical extent of contamination in soil at the Site using a membrane interface Hydraulic Profile Tool (MiHPT) to delineate chlorinated organic compounds in soil.

The Removal Assessment will include up to 60 MiHPT locations, and up to 20 soil sampling locations for definitive laboratory analysis. Field work commenced on February 3, 2020, and will take in excess of three weeks to complete.

Upon completion of the field effort, the assessment team will prepare a written field report describing the results of the characterization/delineation, including the lateral and vertical extent, contaminant concentrations, and approximate volumes of soil in the source(es) at the Site. The the team will then propose and evaluate alternative cleanup methods for the source on site.