West Otero County Asbestos

Rocky Ford, CO - Region VIII


Site Contact:

Valeriy Bizyayev
On-Scene Coordinator


Hopkins Street
Rocky Ford, CO 81067

Latitude: 38.0428100
Longitude: -103.7188900

Site Description

This time-critical removal action involves the cleanup and proper disposal of debris from partially collapsed residential houses that are burned, abandoned, and known to contain friable asbestos. There are three non-contiguous properties found in Otero County Colorado, which are identified as the Site. Property No. 1 & 2 have been burned and are open to the environment while Property No. 3 contains structures that have been abandoned, structurally unsound and are open to the environment.

The Site was identified by municipal and county officials as a safety concern, posing a potential asbestos exposure threat to nearby residents and community members. Conditions at the Site present a threat to public health and the environment and meet the criteria for initiating a removal action under 40 CFR § 300.415(b) of the National Contingency Plan.

Initial Response

Municipal and county officials identified properties that pose a threat to public health and the environment and requested State and EPA assistance. EPA conducted a removal site evaluation in July of 2020 identifying 3 properties that met the criteria for EPA to initiate a time-critical removal action.

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