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2020 OR Wildfire Response

Site Contact:
Randy Nattis
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Medford, OR 97501

In support of the State of Oregon, as directed by and in coordination with FEMA, EPA will conduct oil and hazardous materials field operations

  • Perform safety inspections within the areas designated by the state/county to determine whether the properties therein represent a threat to the public; and
  • Remove, or mitigate the threat presented by, specific articles and substances that, in the professional judgement of DEQ and EPA staff, present
    an immediate threat to life or the health and safety of the public.

These necessary emergency protective measures will mitigate actual threats to the health and safety of the general public.

Activities that may be necessary to accomplish this mission include:

  • Operation of a collection facility for hazardous articles and substances which necessitated removal;
  • Transportation of hazardous articles and substances from the collection facility to a disposal facility; and
  • Transportation and disposal of hazardous waste or household hazardous waste which necessitates immediate disposal.

You can search for your address on the Step 1 status map (look for the link to “Address Lookup” under the graphic at the top of the page):

If your property is on the map it will be surveyed. If your property is not on the map, but you have fire-damaged or destroyed buildings (even small structures), call our hotline: 541-225-5549

For questions about Oregon's removal of ash and debris, the Step 2 process, call 503-934-1700