Deferiet Paper Mill RV4

Deferiet, NY - Region II


Site Contact:

Joel Petty
On-Scene Coordinator

400 Anderson Ave.
Deferiet, NY 13628

Latitude: 44.0389693
Longitude: -75.6816924

In March 2016, EPA activated and mobilized Emergency and Remedial Response Services (“ERRS”) contractors to apply an encapsulant on asbestos-containing pipe insulation exposed in the easement, as the RV1 removal action, to protect Brookfield Renewable Energy Group (“Brookfield employees”) and the public. In October 2018, EPA activated and mobilized ERRS contractors to re-apply an encapsulant on asbestos-containing pipe insulation where it had weathered following RV1, as the RV3 removal action.

In August 2020, an Action Memorandum was signed to allow for the mitigation of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) throughout on-site buildings that were partially demolished exposing the ACM to the environment. Areas/buildings on-site in which there is a potential for asbestos mitigation include the easement, turbine room, boiler house, electrical room, machine room, wet room, beater room, and company garage.



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