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Stayton Tanker Truck Spill

Site Contact:
Randy Nattis/Richard Franklin
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Golf Club Road SE
Stayton, OR 97325
NRC#: 1301058

Shortly before 1:00 AM on March 23, 2021, a Tanker truck and pup trailer filled with gasoline crashed on Golf Club Road, on the outskirts of Stayton, OR. Although the driver was not injured, the trailer began leaking gasoline into a roadside ditch and soil. During the initial assessment by Stayton Fire, Salem Fire/Hazmat Team, and contract responders, it was determined that only the top hatch of one of the fuel compartments had leaked approximately 30 gallons. However, after further investigation and inventories were conducted, it was determined that approximately 2,300 gal of gasoline had been spilled.

Upon discovering the crash and spill, EPA mobilized two On-Scene Coordinators to the site to conduct an assessment and join Unified Command with the ODEQ State On-Scene Coordinator and the Tanker Truck Transport company. Although the spill was only 650 feet from a nearby surface waterway, EPA made an initial determination that there was no threat of discharge to the surface waterway and demobilized from the site. The spill has since been found to be moving quickly in the shallow groundwater away from the crash site, but has not broached the stream.

ODEQ is state lead for the site, and continues to conduct oversight of the environmental investigation and site remediation.