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Diamond Hard Chrome

Site Contact:
Eric Pohl & Jackie Cole


Site Location:
6110 Grand Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44104

U.S. EPA began a hazardous waste cleanup at the Diamond Hard Chrome site, 6110 Grand Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. In February, Ohio EPA referred the site to the federal agency for action. EPA anticipates that its estimated over $1 million cleanup will be completed in approximately six months.

EPA will remove tanks, drums and containers of hazardous waste with concentrations of heavy metals including chromium and lead. EPA has already installed temporary fencing and begun air monitoring at the site.

From 1991-2021, the former Diamond Hard Chrome Inc., registered as a large quantity generator of hazardous waste, used various chemicals in its electroplating process. Several container tanks, rinse tanks and a heated tank with caustic soap were in use at the site.