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City of Evans Chevron Release

Site Contact:
Joni Sandoval


Site Location:
SE quadrant of intersection of
37th St. and 47th Avenue.
Evans, CO 80620

On 10/25/22, a contractor performing work on a future housing development site, accidentally struck a 6-inch pipeline carrying sweet crude oil.  It was estimated that 500-1,000 bbls of product was released.  The pipeline was located in the excavation ditch so immediately upon rupture, the ditch filled with product.  The ditch served as a containment basin for the product; however, the soil is very sandy and loose which can lead to fast migration.  Chevron immediately shut off the pipeline and secured the source and deployed assets on scene with spill trailers/equipment.  An unknown creek, a tributary of South Platt River, is located approximately 100 feet downgradient from the release has not been impacted by the release.  Oil-impacted soils are being excavated.