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Happy Valley Asbestos Fire

Site Contact:
Eric Vanderboom
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Happy Valley, OR 97086
NRC#: 1379302

On Saturday September 16, 2023, EPA received notification from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) that a building known to have asbestos in sheetrock and roofing material caught fire early that morning in Happy Valley, Clackamas County, Oregon. As of Saturday morning, the Clackamas County Fire Department was attempting to extinguish the blaze, while part of the building had collapsed. By 1330, the fire was extinguished. Residents in two apartment buildings south of the fire had been evacuated due to concerns about high particulate matter, while other residents within a quarter mile had been instructed to shelter in place. The ODEQ State On-Scene Coordinator (SOSC) was notified of the situation via the Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS), and in turn notified the EPA phone duty officer, requesting assistance.