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Belanger Park

Site Contact:
Brian Kelly & Mellisa Powers-Taylor


Site Location:
2 Belanger Park Drive
River Rouge, MI 48218

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will soon start work to clean up contaminated soil in some areas of Belanger Park, located on the banks of the Detroit River at 2 Belanger Park Drive in River Rouge, Michigan. On April 1, the EPA will begin removing soil containing elevated levels of lead and cadmium and replacing it with clean soil. Work is expected to continue until mid-June.

Last fall, the EPA and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy completed soil sampling at three River Rouge parks. Results showed elevated levels of lead and cadmium above the EPA’s contact criteria in certain grassy areas of Belanger Park, which were then closed off by the city with temporary fencing until a cleanup could take place. Harsh Michigan winters typically leave parts of the ground frozen until springtime, making in-situ, or in-ground, construction projects difficult. As temperatures are now beginning to warm, the EPA can begin its cleanup of the park.

The cleanup will include excavation and removal of contaminated soil, which will be backfilled with clean soil and replanted with vegetation. Soil removed from the site will be sent to a regulated waste facility for proper disposal.

Access to the park will remain restricted but the boat launch and fishing pier will remain open for public use. When recreating in these areas, the public should obey all posted signage surrounding the construction area and watch for increased truck traffic until further notice.