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Refined Metals

Site Contact:
Jeffrey Wawczak


Site Location:
3700 South Arlington Ave
Beech Groove, IN 46203

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is sampling for lead in soil on public properties, rights of way, and schools near the former Refined Metals Co. at 3700 South Arlington Avenue in Marion County, Beech Grove, Indiana. Beginning April 16, the EPA is sampling soil to determine if there is lead contamination surrounding the site, and if necessary, take action to protect human health and the environment.

This sampling was prompted by information in a 1994 report from the Marion County, Indiana Health Department. The report described potentially elevated lead levels in the soils at residential properties near the former Refined Metals Corporation and elevated blood lead levels in residents. The EPA became aware of this report in 2019, following a cleanup of the Refined Metals property carried out by the company. 

The Superfund Division is following up on the report, which requires further investigation. The lead sampling protocols used to produce the report did not meet EPA standards. Due to the report’s age and various development projects around the former site, the results are unreliable. The EPA is conducting a sampling effort to determine if lead contamination migrated off former site operations. If samples show lead levels above EPA cleanup standards for lead, the EPA will take action to protect human health and the environment surrounding the site. 

Site Background

The Refined Metals Co. property was developed as a secondary lead smelter by National Lead, which operated the facility until it was sold to Exide Corporation in 1980. Exide Corporation operated the facility until Refined Metals Co. purchased the property in 1985. Refined Metals Co. operated the facility until December 31, 1995. There have been no operations at the facility since 1996. 

The nearest residential properties are located to the northeast of the former facility, with homes within 750 feet of the facility boundary. 

Cleanup History

Under a 1998 consent decree with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Refined Metals Co. was required to cleanup contamination at its facility. Exide Technologies entered bankruptcy proceedings and agreed to resolve its environmental liabilities with the EPA in May 2011. 

In 2009, the EPA approved the company’s cleanup plan. The plan included demolishing buildings, excavating lead-contaminated soils and sediment on-site and along nearby rights of way, establishing legal restrictions, and relying on natural processes to reduce contaminants in groundwater. 

In 2017, Refined Metals Co. carried out the cleanup plan and consolidated excavated soil and sediments into an on-site containment cell. 

1994 Report Indicating Potential Lead Exceedances

After the cleanup plan had been implemented, a report from the Marion County Health Department to the Indianapolis Air Pollution Control Board dated September 22, 1994 came to the attention of the EPA’s corrective action program. The report describes off-site soil and blood lead sampling conducted in response to citizen complaints. Results indicated lead soil concentrations greater than 400 parts per million (ppm) and blood lead concentrations exceeding 10 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). These concentrations are greater than EPA-recommended values for residential exposures. In response to these exceedances, EPA is conducting a site investigation.