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Sandusky Abrasives

Site Contact:
Allen Jarrell


Site Location:
1100 West Barker Ave
Michigan City, IN 46360

At the request of Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), EPA was requested to consider the Sandusky Abrasives Site in Michigan City, Indiana for a removal action. EPA mobilized to the Site on June 16, 2023 to begin the removal action process by conducting a site assessment by selecting and identifying the boring locations for the soil samples.  By the end of the day, 50 of the 75 boring locations were identified and marked with flags.  On June 19, 2023, EPA began the geoprobe drilling and collection of soil samples. After arriving on Site, setting up the required equipment, and completing the identification and marking of the remaining 25 sample locations, soil sampling began at noon. EPA monitored air continuously with a DustTrak throughout the week of June 19, 2023 and the DustTrak was set in the vicinity of sample processing and drilling activities. Overall, EPA and START collected 425 samples from 1-foot intervals of 77 soil borings across the Site. EPA photographed the site and documented the location of each sample taken in a logbook in accordance with the approved Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP).