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Ogden June 2024 Mercury Spill

Site Contact:
Joe Payne


Site Location:
Ogden, UT 84404

Overview: On June 3, 2024, EPA received a report of mercury spilled in a detached shed at a residence in Ogden, Utah.  The relatives of a deceased family member were cleaning out the shed and discovered a plastic liter soda bottle that contained mercury but was leaking mercury from the bottom of the bottle onto a shelf.  The report stated there were also 30 to 40 small bottles of other chemicals which may be related to photography procedures.  Some of the bottles are labeled, some unlabeled. The relatives left the shed and contacted the NRC. The Fire Department and local health department responded and assisted in isolating the shed. The Utah DEQ investigated the scene on June 4, 2024, accompanied by an ERRS contractor based in Salt Lake City.

State, Local and other Federal Agency Actions and Roles: The Utah Department of Environmental Quality investigated and is in contact with the reporting party and the responding federal OSC.

EPA Actions and Roles: A Federal On-Scene Coordinator and contractor assets mobilized to the site on June 5, 2024.

The property cleanup was completed on Wednesday, June 19. An estimated 300 lbs of mercury was collected in addition to an estimated 200 chemical containers. Waste from the site and the chemical containers are currently awaiting final disposal.

Please see the Notices section of this website for more in depth updates on the field activity at the site.


For additional information, visit the Notices section.