Border 2020

Los Angeles, CA - Region IX

Site Contact:

Craig Benson
On-Scene Coordinator

Los Angeles, CA 90755

Latitude: 33.8020217
Longitude: -118.1678543

This website is primarily intended to serve the EPA Region 9 On-Scene Coordinator (OSC). The current signed versions of the U.S. Mexico Joint Contingency Plan (JCP) and the Region 9 border specific Sister City Plans are included. This site will also include other quick reference and summary material related to Goal #4 of the Border 2020 program entitled "Enhance Joint Preparedness for Environmental Response" such as recent and upcoming plan excercises and trainings. Please check the Documents Link for a list of folders. A site Login is required to view all documents.

OSCs and other response personnel involved in any emergency response, removal, or preparedness activity within the defined border area which affects or may affect the neighboring country is expected to familiarize himself/herself with the procedures of the JCP and appropriate Sister City Plan.

A review of the document "OSCs and Border Work Presentation" is recommended. This document helps explain the JCP within the framework of the National Contingency Plan [see 40 CFR 300.3(c)] and Annex II of the 1985 La Paz Agreement, as well as, border response specific entities such as the Joint Response Team (JRT).

Recognize that the JCP and Sister City Plans are constantly evolving and in some cases are incomplete (even after binational signing). Every effort will be made to post only the most recent documents.