Northwest Vermiculite

Portland, OR - Region X

Site Contact:

David Rees
On-Scene Coordinator

2335 N. Harding
Portland, OR 97227

The site is a warehouse that is the former location of a W. R. Grace vermiculite processing plant that processed vermiculite received from Libby, Montana. Currently, the building is subdivided into four separate spaces. One space is used by a delivery service, one is used for storage, one is used by a custom automobile shop, and one is used for a variety of wedding-related businesses. An asbestos abatement was previously performed in the building in 2001. However, as part of EPA's ongoing investigation of Libby-related facilities, additional asbestos material was discovered to still be present in the building. The asbestos included vermiculite on the building rafters, in the crawl space under one quarter of the building, and in the soils outside the perimeter of the building. Additionally, air samples collected by EPA indicate that airborne asbestos fibers are present inside the buildings at concentrations sufficiently high to potentially cause long term exposure risks to building occupants. At the request of EPA, the building owner (responsible party [RP]) has agreed to perform another asbestos abatement under EPA oversight.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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