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Resource Unit Tool Box

Site Contact:
Steve Ridenour
NIMS Coordinator


Site Location:
Washington, DC 00000

The Resource Unit is responsible for maintaining the status of ALL assigned resources at an incident. The effective functioning of this unit is critical to the overall management of a large incident. The RESL is a non-stop manager who must stay on top of all issues being addressed by the Planning Section.

This website is intended to provide tools to assist the Resource Unit in managing incident resources. It was developed by a workgroup established following Hurricane Katrina at the ICS Symposium. The workgroup lead (NIMS Integration Team representative for Region 7) is Joe Davis. The workgroup has also developed job aids (posted under "documents") and provided input for the Planning Section chapter of the Incident Management Handbook (IMH).

A pdf version of the IMH is posted on the NIMS Integration Team website.

This webpage will be updated as needed. Please refer comments and/or suggestions to Joe Davis or Steve Ridenour (National NIMS Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management).