Lincoln Metals

Lincoln, AL - Region IV

Site Contact:

Leonardo Ceron

248 Foundry Road
(Talledega County)
Lincoln, AL 35096

Latitude: 33.6150000
Longitude: -86.1111000

The Site includes an old foundry property located at 248 Foundry Road in Lincoln, Talladega County, Alabama, two residential properties, a public park and a drainage ditch. The 1.73 acre old foundry is fenced and contains one dilapidated building and various partially exposed foundry sand piles, along with a paved foundry drive. The building has approximately 21,000 square feet, and contains machinery relevant to the iron and brass process. External to the building there are areas where contaminated foundry sands have been partially covered and areas of various piles of remnant slag, broken casting ladles, facet fittings, and other process debris. Within the building there exist at least two additional areas where contaminated foundry sands and abandoned process chemicals are found. Within the building there exists a main “rail” type track system used to convey raw materials and products while the molten ore was processed. Contaminated foundry sand located within the old foundry’s fence line, has been displaced via flooding and surface water flow into an adjacent drainage ditch, adjacent residential areas and a public park.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.