Altoona Mine Site

Site Contact:
Michelle Rogow


Site Location:
Shasta -Trinity National Forest
Castella, CA 90452

The Altoona Mine is an abandoned mercury mine located approximately 11 miles (as the crow flies) west of the town of Castella in Trinity County, California. The approximate geographic coordinates of the mine are 41 E 8'12.7" north latitude, 122 E 32'51" west longitude. The mine is located on private land within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is administered by the United States Forest Service (USFS).

The Altoona Mine site is comprised of an abandoned and backfilled vertical mine, with an adjacent ore processing area, former retort areas, and waste rock and tailings piles. There are collapsed remains of wooden structures at the ore processing area, and other collapsed wooden structures are scattered about the periphery of the mine site.

According to a USFS document, the mine was comprised of a “two-compartment vertical shaft which is 450 feet deep, and a vertical winze sunk 150 feet below the 450-foot level at a point approximately 230 feet northwest of the [main] shaft.” It is unclear from this description whether the winze initiated in the main shaft. Six levels of horizontal shafts branch out from the main vertical shaft, and two levels of horizontal shafts branch out from the second vertical shaft. The eight horizontal shafts comprise a total of over 10,000 linear feet (USFS 2002).

The mine is located on an escarpment which faces southeast. The ore processing area is located immediately southwest of the surmised location of the main adit, and tailings piles are located southeast (downhill) of the processing area. The base of the tailings piles is approximately 80 feet below the elevation of the processing area.
Water from the mine flows from under the tailings piles, down Soda Creek to the east fork of the Trinity River, which is approximately one mile to the southeast of the mine. As no flowing water was found immediately upgradient of the mine, the water source of Soda Creek is assumed to be an underground source, which likely flows through mine passageways.

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