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Site Contact:
JoAnn Eskelsen
ICS Training Coordinator


Site Location:
Washington, DC

This website was created as a reference site for EPA ICS 300/400 instructors. The material posted on the site will be maintained and updated by the National NIMS Coordinator (Roberta Runge) and the Environmental Response Team ICS Training coordinator (JoAnn Eskelsen).

For ICS forms please go to the "ICS FORMS" web site under the HQ logo at epaosc.net.

For NIMS Integration Team products, including job aids, the Incident Management Handbook (IMH), the Incident Management Team (IMT) Guidance, and the Training, Certification and Qualification standards, please go to the "NIMS Integration Team" web site under the HQ logo at epaosc.net.

The instructors will be advised via email when new information has been posted or material in the course has been changed.

Instructors have access to a separate Quick Place "chat room" to exchange comments, ideas or suggestions on the course and the training material. The "chat room" is currently operational.