Exxon Mobile Former Refinery

East Chicago, IN - Region V


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Steven Faryan
On-Scene Coordinator


3823 Indianapolis Blvd.
East Chicago, IN

Latitude: 41.6394000
Longitude: -87.4714000

The Mobile Oil Rfinery and Storage Terminal is located on teh Lake George Branch of the Indiana Ship Canal in East Chicago, Illinois. The Property was sold to TransMontaigne Oil Company, and the refinery and inactive underground pipelines were removed by Mobil. Currently the facility consists of a building an associated outside and inside tank and recovery wells that recover petroleum product and treat dissolved phase petroleum products and discharge the treated water into the Lake George Branch of the Indiana Ship Canal. In addition, contractors for Exxon Mobil assess their shoreline and maintain boom and collect floating product from the Indiana Ship Canal.

U.S. EPA issured an Federal Notice of Interest to Mobil in August 10, 1999. An Administrative Order was issued to Mobil Oil In January of 2002 to prevent the release of petroleum product to the Lake George Branch of Indiana Ship Canal.

Parson's Engineering was hired to submitt a work plan to U.S. EPA to fix the on-site water treatment plant and to install addtional oil collection wells to collect petroleum product prior to discharge to the canal. The work plan was approved in December of 2001 and Parson's has been operating the collection and treatment system to July of 2007.



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