Tanker Truck Gasoline Spill Champaign IL. FIRST/FINAL POLREP 12/27-31/07

Champaign, IL - Region V


Site Contact:

Ramon Mendoza
On-Scene Coordinator


Church St./S. County Fair Rd.
Champaign, IL

NRC#: 858240

At approximately 10pm on 12/26/07 a gasoline tanker truck operated by Casey's Retail Company was involved in an traffic accident and overturned in Champaign, IL. The accident caused a spill of about 5300 gallons of gasoline out of which about 1000 gallons were released into the Copper Slough. The local Fire and Police Dept. responded by installing containmnent dams and booms along the Slough to contain and recover the gasoline spill. IEPA arrived at the scene at about 2am on 12/27/07 and directed recovery/response efforts. Superior Environmental was the trucking company's contractor in charge of the cleanup. The remaining gasoline in the tanker was safely pumped out. IDOT closed one lane the road to enable response vehicles to access the cleanup. USEPA OSC Mendoza arrived onsite 1am on 12/28/07 to support and assist IEPA on the ongoing cleanup. IEPA reported dead fish in the Slough and notified IDNR. Gasoline free product and sheen recovery operations were conducted. In addition, soil saturated with gasoline was excavated for shipment to a landfill. Some contaminated soil may be left in place due to IDOT concerns on road integrity. USEPA provided IEPA with technical information on bioremediation in-situ technologies. Inspections by IEPA and USEPA along the Slough did not indicate the gasoline spill made it to the Kaskaskia River (about 5 miles downstream). Fire Dept. reports some odor complaints from citizens but had enough resources to the extent that USEPA air monitoring support was not requested. Release was secured by morning of 12/28/07 and OSC Mendoza left the site that afternooon. Update by IEPA on 12/31/08 indicated the site is in remediation phase, mostly for contaminated soil.

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