Big Tex Grain

Site Contact:
Eric Delgado


Site Location:
354 Blue Star St
San Antonio, TX 78204

The USEPA, START, and ERRS contractors completed removal operations within the identified grids on the Big Tex property. All 47 grids were successfully excavated.

ERRS completed transportation and disposal of the impacted soils. Approximately 1925 tons of soil and debris was disposed of at the Allied Waste-Tessman Road Landfill located in San Antonio, Texas.

ERRS completed restoration operations within excavated grids, approximately 2240 cubic yards of clean soil was delivered and spread into excavation areas. Material was tamped down to the original grade.

ERRS crews completed the decontamination of the two site building previously identified to be impacted. START conducted AHERA indoor clearance sampling of the decontaminated building. START utilized the on site microscopist to ensure that the sample filter media was not overloaded and was in good shape to ship to LabCor, Portland for analysis.

On 01/19/2009, the EPA received the results of the AHERA indoor clearance sampling. The two previously identified buildings (21 and 23) that contained unacceptable levels of amphibole asbestos were successfully decontaminated and the results were well below the AHERA action level of 70 structures per cubic centimeter. These building are now deemed clean and are ready for reuse.

During all site operations, continuous on site and off site air monitoring was conducted. Constant dust suppression operations have shown to be effective, and no site operations have generated dust levels that have exceeded site action levels.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.