Clinton High School Mercury Spill

Clinton, NC - Region IV

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Kenneth Rhame

1201 W Elizabeth St
Clinton, NC

NRC#: 866785

A student broke a outdoor thermometer (approximtately 6" in length) containting approximately a tablespoon of mercury at his home. The student collected the mercury in a syrup bottle and brought it to school. The student spilled the mercury at Clinton High School. NC Haz-Mat responded and collected visible mercury with a mercury vac. Parents were notified to collect the clothing from the students that may have come into contact with the mercury and advised to place the clothing of students in bags and place outside. The HVAC system was shut down and windows were opened for ventilation. The school was closed. NC Dept. of Health requested assistance of EPA to perform air monitoring with Lumex to confirm that levels are safe for school to be reopened.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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