Dalrymple School Site

Albion, MI - Region V


Site Contact:

Ramon Mendoza/Jeff Kimble
On-Scene Coordinator


Sycamore and Dalrymple Street
Albion, MI

Latitude: 42.2419000
Longitude: -84.7600000

The Site is located at the intersection of South Dalrymple Street and Sycamore Street in Albion, Calhoun County, Michigan. The Site coordinates are 42°14'31.26" Latitude and -84°45'36.05" Longitude and the property consists of approximately 10 acres, 3 acres of include the school building, an old playground, and parking lot.
The school was opened January 2, 1918. Due to the lack of student enrollment and a decreasing local population, the Dalrymple School was closed in June 1982 and has been boarded up & abandoned since. City officials indicated that the property was sold in 1993 and ownership reverted back to the Calhoun County Treasurer's office
due to unpaid taxes.

The building has been fenced off using orange snow fence, windows boarded up, and doors chained and locked, however, several windows and doors have been opened by trespassers making the building accessible to the public. The school building consists of two floors and a basement at the east end, and one floor at the west end of the building and is approximately 25,000 square feet in area.

EPA conducted a site assessment on August 2007. Numerous containers ranging from 1-55 gallons of hazardous materials were found including acids and bases used as cleaning products. In addition, large amounts of asbestos containing materials (in bags in exposed piles) in friable condition were found on the floor, at several locations within the building. Asbestos sample results indicate up to 15% chryostile and amosite. At the time of the site assessment the exterior condition of the building was poor to fair, with boarded up and/or broken windows, and the roof has deteriorated and is collapsed in many areas. The interior of the building is in very poor condition due to exposure to the elements, the infiltration of rain water, and the presence of standing water in many locations. The interior building walls were wet, moldy, and crumbling due to moisture. The ceilings were in very poor condition and have fallen in many areas. Evidence of trespassers and vandals were found and is reported by the local police to be a constant problem.

EPA Action Memo was signed on April 2008. Due to trespassers and weather conditions, the potential for the piled up friable asbestos and hazardous materials to be released and contaminate outside areas in the residential neighborhood exists and meet the criteria for a time-critical removal action provided for under the NCP 40 CFR 300.415(b)(2).

Michigan DEQ was informed and this site has agreed to assist EPA but has stated that there are no funds available to clean up this Site. EPA has requested that MDEQ identify ARARs for the removal action.

ERRS, START,and OSC mobilized to the site on 8/10/2008.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.



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