Shackelford Tank - Green County

Ormondsville, NC - Region IV

Site Contact:

David Andrews
On-Scene Coordinator

Near Intersection of Hwy 903 & State Road 1400
Ormondsville, NC 28550

Latitude: 35.4683470
Longitude: -77.5572218

The Shackelford Tank Green County (STGC) encompasses approximately 4 acres and is located on property consisting of agricultural and residential. The STGC site (Parcel ID 0603888) is located off NC Highway 903 near the intersection of Ormondsville Road in Ormondsville, Greene County, North Carolina (refer to the aerial map). According to topographic data, the STGC site is located about 64-feet above sea level. Surface water is inferred to flow in a southern direction to Pole Cat Branch, a small tributary, located approximately 0.5 mile to the south.

The STGC site is currently held by the Estate of Mrs. Nora Lee Newton. Mrs. Newton leased the property to Mr. James O. Shackelford from 1996 until approximately 2002. During this time, Mr. Shackelford engaged in the business of removing used underground tanks (UST) and aboveground storage tanks (AST) from the local area, and disposing the tanks on the STGC site and another site in neighboring Pitt County. Mr. Shackelford also de-sludged tanks and transferred their contents into drums and other smaller containers that were found on the site. It was assumed that most of the tanks were used for storage of petroleum products - specifically, gasoline, diesel, heating oil and lubricants. Information provided to EPA by the North Carolina Department of Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDNER) included historical background investigations and Injunction Orders documenting that the containers were stored directly on the ground, affected by corrosion, that containers breeched from corrosion and had leaked product thus impacting surrounding surface soil. Operations at the STGC site were never permitted by NCDENR for a solid or hazardous waste treatment and disposal facility. The STGC site was found abandoned and unsecured when EPA investigated the property in June 2007.

The STGC site container inventory consisted of: six 55-gallon; one hundred seventeen 550-gallon; thirty-nine 1,000-gallon; fifteen 2,000-gallon; ten 4,000 gallon; nine 5,000-gallon; thirteen 10,000-gallon; and six 15,000-gallon tanks. The tanks were constructed of steel except for on 550-gallon and five 10,000-gallon fiberglass tanks.


In February 2004, NCDNER prepared a pre-Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (CERCLIS) screening report for the STGC site. The pre-CERCLIS screening included a summary of NCDENR investigations from 1999 – 2003. In December 1999, NCDENR collected samples from various containers, surface water, ground water, and sediment. Analytical results revealed that elevated volatile compounds and metals concentrations were present in the surface water of Pole Cat Branch 0.5 miles south of the site. Analytical results for samples collected from the contents of on-site drums and tanks also revealed arsenic, chromium, and lead concentrations exceeding their respective Resource Conservation and Recovery Act toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) regulatory limits. In December 2003, NCDNER collected surface water and ground water samples at and in the vicinity of the property to determine the extent of environmental contamination and impact of the STGC site. The analytical results did not indicate contamination above background levels.

Please refer to "Documents" (PRP Removal Report) for additional photo/images of the clean-up.

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