Double H Pesticide Burial Site

Grandview, WA - Region X


Site Contact:

Andy Smith
On-Scene Coordinator

1501 Bethany Road
Grandview, WA 98930

Latitude: 46.2908000
Longitude: -119.9269000

Over a 100 containers of assorted sizes that appeared to have once contained or still contained some amounts of pesticides and oil were found buried on private agricultural property adjacent to a Concord grape vineyard. Washington State Departments of Ecology and Agriculture requested EPA assistance in investigating the site. Using a magnetometer and ground penetrating radar, the containers were discovered and removed. The containers had been crushed or punctured and many were submerged in the shallow groundwater (6 to 8 feet below surface). These containers had been buried along with an assortment of household hazardous wastes and other non-hazardous debris.

July 1 -
* Administrative Order on Consent takes affect.
* Uploaded 5 documents to Document Section.
+ Action Memorandum
+ Action Memorandum Ammendment
+ Site Map
+ Statement of Work
* New PolRep
* News Release

July 17 -
* Summary of well testing to Document Section
* Quality Assurance Project Plan, Health and Safety Plan, and Work Plan are being finalized.
* Field work to begin on July 20
* Arsenic and Your Private Well brochure to Document Section.

August 18
* Quality Assurance Project Plan, Health and Safety Plan, and Work Plan are in Documents Section
* New Photos added
* PolRep #5

September 4
* PolRep #7

October 9
* PolRep #8

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