Natural Disaster Operational Workgroup- TEXAS (USEPA/USCG/TCEQ/TGLO)

Dallas, TX - Region VI


Site Contact:

Nicolas Brescia
USEPA Operation Team Lead

1445 Ross Avenue
Dallas, TX 75202

Latitude: 32.7846050
Longitude: -96.8028970

This site is designed for the Natural Disaster Operational Workgroup and its agency personnel to access essential SOP's, field data sheets and SOP attachments. The multi-agency workgroup serves as a unified operational planning function for upcoming events.

Currently, 7 SOPs have been finalized by the workgroup. The SOPs are the following: Rapid Needs Assesment, Orphan Container Hazard Evaluation, Orphan Container Recovery, Oil Spill Assessment, Oil Spill Removal, Infrastructure Evaluation and Response Manager Administration. Four Field Data Sheets have been finalized and approved for field use and they include the following: Orphan Container Hazard Evaluation Field Data Sheet, Facility/Vessel/Spill Field Data Sheet, Drinking Water Infrastructure Evaluation Field Data Sheet, and the Wastewater Infrastructure Evaluation Field Data Sheet. Response Manager software and training has been administered to approximately 200 field/supervisor personnel(Texas Regional State Offices:Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston, Beaumont) from the following agencies: TCEQ, TGLO, and the USCG. The Response Manager Data System will now be utilized as the primary means of managing data for all workgroup agencies in the next disaster. The calendar below is used to place events that involve the Natural Disaster Operational Workgroup agencies. The 2012 Training Schedule has been updated under Bulletins. As products become finalized in final draft form they will be made available for public viewing. NDOW active working documents are classified as private and one must have an login ID to access them. Once work products become finalized by all agencies, they will become classified as public.

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