EPT Cutting Fluid Spill

Maysville, KY - Region IV

Site Contact:

Art Smith
On-Scene Coordinator


1118 Progress Way
Maysville, KY 41056

Latitude: 38.6347000
Longitude: -83.8114000
NRC#: 910404

On 07/03/09, EPA OSC Smith responded at the request of KDEP to investigate a mystery water pollution incident in Maysville, KY (NRC No. 91404). On 07/01, KDEP discovered a milky white material in a farm pond discharging into an unnnamed tributary to Lawrence Creek. Further investigation identified the discharge was coming from a storm sewer manhole in the Maysville No. 2 Industrial Park. The manhole was found to be subject to infiltration of the unknown liquid through the subsurface, possibly connected to an underground spring. The discharge was secured at the manhole on 07/01.

On 07/02, KDEP identified a nearby manufacturing facility upgradient of the manhole location as a possible source of the discharge. An inspection of the facility revealed a water soluble metalworking fluid used in the process that is similar in color and odor to the discharge collected in the manhole about 500 yds. away. Samples collected by KDEP and sent offsite for laboratory analysis showed a positive match for a glycol compound in the metalworking fluid and the discharge contained in the manhole. On 07/07, EPT (Emerson Power Transmission) accepted responsibility for the continuing response to this spill.

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