Allied Universal NaOH Spill

Ranger, GA - Region IV

Site Contact:

Alyssa Hughes
On-Scene Coordinator

1405 Possum Hallow Road
Ranger, GA

Latitude: 34.4830500
Longitude: -84.7333200
NRC#: 911022

At approximately 2200 on 8 July 2009 night shift personnel at the Allied Universal Corporation observed a release of 50% sodium hydroxide from a railcar during unloading operations. NRC Report # 911022 was made at 2220. The report stated that the release occurred along the rail spur inside the facility. At the time of the report the quantity of material released was unknown.

On 9 July 2009 Duty Officer Ben Franco contacted the responsible party to ascertain the details of the incident. At this time he was informed that the spill quantity was estimated to be 10,000 gallons and that Georgia Environmental Protection Division representative Scott Coburn was on-site and had been since approximately 0200. Based on the amount of the spill, Duty Officer dispatched R1 OSC Hughes and responder in training Matt Huyser.

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