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PHILIS Mobile Labs

Site Contact:
Lawrence Kaelin


Site Location:
2890 woodbridge ave
Edison, NJ 08837

Image: NJ PHILIS assets deployed to St Albans time critical removal site, Region 1

PHILIS: Portable High Throughput Integrated Laboratory Identification Systems

The PHILIS units are mobile laboratory assets, managed by OEM's CBRN Consequence Management Advisory Division (CMAD). PHILIS are the only mobile lab assets under the EPA's Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN), and are designed to detect Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) in environmental samples, with detection limits down to risk/health-based clearnce levels. The PHILIS labs are designed for "all-hazards response" with NELAP certification for VOCs, SVOCs and PBC analysis (methods 8260, 8270 and 8082a, respectively, and TO-17 for air toxics. PHILIS is accredited for drinking water methods 524.2, 525.2 and 552.3 for VOCs, SVOCs and Halo-acetic acids. PHILIS has developed LC/MSMS methods for opioids, herbicides, explosives, PFO/PFOS and other toxic compounds. The PHILIS labs are stationed in Edison, NJ and in Castle Rock, CO; and can be mobilized and "on the road" within 6 hours of notification to drive to any location within the continuous U.S. The PHILIS labs are deemed fundamental to EPA’s chemical agent response missions, and are part of ERLN ultra-dilute CWA standards program. PHILIS labs are calibrated and set up to analyze for G-agents, sulfur mustard (HD) and VX, in environmental samples, while on site. The PHILIS labs participate in on-going ERLN methods validation studies, regional EPA field exercises, interagency exercises and have been deployed to several Superfund sites to perform on-site environmental analysis at the request of EPA regional OSCs. All PHILIS assets are designed to operate self-supported, in the field for a minimum of 4 days before re-stocking and refueling is required. Air, soil, water and wipe samples can be analyzed. Sample capacity is approx.100 – 200 Toxic Industrial Chemical (TICs) or Chemical Warfare Agent samples per 24 hr. period. Full CLP-reviewable data packages can be generated for EPA methods 8260, 8270, 8082a PCBs/pesticides methods. PHILIS labs manage data via a Promium LIMS system and can generate selected SEDD deliverables, which are Scribe compatible, and can generate "EXES" compatible files.