Minot ND Floods-2011

Minot, ND - Region VIII


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Paul Peronard


Minot, ND 58701

Latitude: 48.2329061
Longitude: -101.3042450

In late June 2011 the Souris River overtopped its banks causing extensive flooding in Ward and McHenry Counties in North Dakota. In Minot, ND over 4,000 homes and businesses were inundated with flood waters, with over 2,000 structures completely submerged. The nearby towns of Burlington, Sawyer, and Velva were also impacted. FEMA has issued a Mission Assignment to EPA to accomplish four objectives: Remove household hazardous wastes from the impacted area; decontaminate and prepare white goods and e-waste for recycling; collect and process orphan containers; and to conduct environmental monitoring and sampling in impacted and work areas. Initial recon was begun on July 11, 2011.

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