Denbury Pipeline Oil Spill (delete)

Conroe, TX - Region VI


Site Contact:

Paige Delgado
On-Scene Coordinator

12770 Poalstad Road
Conroe, TX 77302

Latitude: 30.2123622
Longitude: -95.3311652
NRC#: 98575

At 0945 on August 15, 2011, Denbury Onshore LLC reported a release of approximately 150 barrels of crude oil from a pipeline in Conroe, Texas to the National Response Center. Denbury reported the areas impacted by the oil were soil and the dry bed of Crystal Creek and that the rupture in the pipeline occurred at approximately 0700 on August 15. Denbury revised their original estimate of the oil released from the pipeline to 300-350 barrels several hours later, through the NRC.

OSC Paige Delgado mobilized to the site and arrived at 1740 on August 15 to confirm that navigable water was not impacted and clean-up operations were on-going.



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