Lovers Lane Lead

Plainfield Township, MI - Region V


Site Contact:

Jeff Lippert
On-Scene Coordinator

4407 Lovers Lane
Plainfield Township, MI 49321

Latitude: 43.0438290
Longitude: -85.6552600

During the excavation for the installation of a water main in 2011,contractors for Plainfield Township encountered a large quantity of buried, crushed, lead-acid battery casing fragments (battery casings) in the right-of-way (ROW) and on the residential property. Plainfield Township contacted EPA who removed and properly disposed of battery casings at the site in 2012.

EPA was unable to remove the battery casings near and under the home’s foundation as to not disturb the structural integrity of the home.

In 2018, the home was demolished due to flood damage it sustained in 2017. With the home now gone, Plainfield Township contacted EPA and requested assistance with the removal and proper disposal of the remaining battery casings on the site.

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