Arecibo Battery Recycling Control Table

Site Contact:
Geoffrey Garrison
On Scene Coordinator

Site Location:
Arecibo, PR 00612

Since July 1994, The Battery Recycling Co., Inc (“BRC”) has owned a facility located at RD No.2, Km 72.2, Cambalache Ward, Arecibo, Puerto, Rico and has conducted secondary lead smelting and/or reclamation operations there since 2004. As part of on-Site operations, large quantities of lead-acid batteries are recycled daily. Inadequate engineering and administrative controls led to the migration of lead-contaminated dust from the Facility via workers’ clothes, shoes, persons (skin, hair), and personal vehicles. Furthermore, a parcel of cattle pasture land approximately 600 feet long by 50 feet wide, located adjacent to and immediately north of the Facility, has lead in soil at concentrations above the 400 mg/kg action level established by EPA for areas adjacent to the Facility.