UPRR-Cisco TX Derailment

Site Contact:
Jhana Enders


Site Location:
FM Rd 2945
2 miles west of Cisco
Cisco, TX 76437
NRC#: 1014864 & 1014880

At approximately 0100 on 06.17.12, the EPA R6 received NRC Report 1014864 regarding a Union Pacific RR train derailment that occurred at 2330 CST. EPA PDO contacted UPRR dispatch which indicated an investigation was ongoing and they would provide an update once further information was received on the potential release of hazardous substances and/or oil. The update indicated no releases. On 06.18.12 UPRR called the NRC (NRC 1014880) to update the initial report to include a release of methanol and oil. EPA PDO called UPRR dispatch again on 06.18.12 at around 0820 and they indicated one railcar of methanol had been released and possibly some type of oil. The EPA PDO contacted UPRR EH&S Tim O'Brien to discuss and verify the information. Mr. O'Brien added the release had entered a creek but they were able to dam the leading edge before it went into a lake and that soda ash/lime had potentially been released as well. UPRR contractors are en route to start recovery efforts. CTEH (UPRR tech contractor) was also en route to initiate air monitoring.

EPA deployed OSC Enders and START contractors at 0900 hrs on 06.18.12 to assess site conditions and monitor the response.